When I was a child,
Lost, alone, and scared in the grocery store.
I wandered and cried for a familiar face.
Someone to take me into their arms,
To ask what’s wrong,
To help me find what I had lost.

And she would appear,
as always,
she took me into her arms,
And asked
“where did you wander off too?”

And now,
As the years have passed,
and I’ve discovered myself
I am free,
To get as lost as I feel comfortable.

To find my own way.
I search,
for whatever will give me that same feeling.
The warmth,
of home.

I leave for Europe on August 11  courtesy of the amazing people who run the HAR2009 conference in Amsterdam.  Topic of discussion? The Eyeborg Project.  At the moment I don’t have a return ticket, which opens the doors to all sorts of possibilities.   I’m celebrating 5 months in Canada and almost a year away from home.  It’s been a magnificient adventure.  I’ll keep you updated.