You and I, we're
not so different.

We're both here, firmly planted on spaceship earth, while it goes about its business chasing the moon. You dream, love, hurt, adventure - all as I do. To meet you is to meet myself, and to serve you is the same.

Let's live generous lives for one another. Let's adjust the rules of today to create a better tomorrow. Let's pledge our allegiance to humanity, empathy, and understanding.

Let's plant trees so our children can rest in the shade.

Nice to meet you

Kosta comes from a background of invention and technology in service of the greater good. He was an engineer for SpaceX where he led the design of a satellite now in orbit, a visiting scientist at the MIT Media labs where he worked on vision systems for the developing world, and co-founder of the bionic eye 'Eyeborg Project' which was named one of TIME Magazine's best Inventions.

Using his expertise he works to expand Internet access globally through his non-profit 'A Human Right' which, in collaboration with the United Nations and an array of expert advisors has informed and engaged millions on the pressing issue of the digital divide.

Kosta was a finalist for the 2013 TED Prize, a GOOD 100 Honoree, and 1st place XPrize Visioneering awardee. Projects he has worked on have been awarded Vodaphone’s Wireless Innovation Award, RISD Better World by Design Challenge, the MIT Global Challenge, and a Google Innovation Grant.

Kosta is a correspondent for Al Jazeera America covering science, technology, and its human impact, an advisor to the Peter Thiel 20 Under 20, and has spoken for audiences around the world on a range of topics.

  • MIT Visiting Scientist
  • 2013 Finals TEDPrize
  • Featured in TIME Magazine
  • GOOD 100 Honoree
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